Sunday is a Day of Rest

Rainy day today.  Fortunately, we don’t have to go anywhere.

Dinner at Ele’s was great last night!  She’s still teaching me how to make her macaroni and cheese.  I think I finally have it straight.  First time that I make it on my own, the recipe will be shared. It is so delicious and truly very easy.  Of course I’m on a mission to lighten it up, I’m always on that mission! 🙂  Little Michael was there and of course that added to the fun.  He’s such a great little boy.  So glad he’s ours!

I must say I probably had more macaroni and cheese than I should have but it really is the best.  ( I better stop talking about it or I’ll be in the kitchen trying it, recipe or not!) Ele served it with healthy broccoli and that made me feel honorable!  There will be no mention of the 2 brownies I ate. 

Why no photos?  I shouldn’t worry when it’s just family, but actually since I was having my cooking lesson, I didn’t think about it.  Tomorrow’s post will be chock full of photos.  I promise! 😉

My plan today is to cook a nice dinner with things in the freezer (still on my quest to clean it out!) and tomorrow, I’ll be making a wonderful soup recipe from the leftover barbecue beans (which have been living in the freezer.)

I’m so excited with all of my finds from the rummage sale.  I didn’t bring them home, they’re still lurking in the storage room at the church, but I’ll bring them home when we have the next sale.  I don’t need another box sitting around here especially since most of my treasures will be for the house in NM.  I’ll post photos of them when I bring them home.

I definitely missed doing my meditation practice in the morning yesterday.  But Day 6 worked out just fine because I did it in the evening.  Interesting thing was that my body was much more flexible than it usually is in the morning.  I think I may try to do my practice morning and evening.  We’ll see how that works out.  I do need to try to get more exercise in because of my WW transgression yesterday morning.  It’s all a matter of scheduling, but I can work it out.  Both are pieces of my life that are important and if something is really important to you, you’ll fit it in.  That’s what I used to tell my WW members when I lead my classes and they complained that the program took too much time to follow.  If it means enough to you, you’ll follow it.  It means enough to me.  I have a new and improved plan for myself for the coming week.  I want that smile back on my face next Saturday and I want to be FREE!!! 🙂  See I’m smiling already!  Have a lovely Sunday~


2 responses to “Sunday is a Day of Rest

  1. Your mac and cheese was perfect! Lightening it up could be done a bit. Special margarine, skim milk, fat free cheese but do not try to put anything but garlic salt in it or it will not taste like mine! And I have to say, you made it perfectly all by yourself! Little Michael and I both believe that serving it with brocolli is the only way to serve it!

  2. Hahaha. I do believe I will have to try this version when it’s all ready. Though… I should probably try Ele’s original, as well, so I have a comparison point. 😉

    I am in love with this meditation practice. It sounds like I’m 5 days behind you–it’s so nice that I have you two lovelies to chat with about it.

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