Happy Friday!

I feel that Thursday was a good food day, which hopefully will translate to a smile on my face on Saturday morning at Weight Watchers. 🙂

However, no pixels were harmed in the production of this post because I photographed NOTHING! 😦  Some days I just don’t get to it.  I’m working on it…as I’ve said before it’s a process (is that one of those jargon phrases I hate?  I think it might be…I’ll have to work on something new!)

Breakfast was good with oats, ground flax-seed, chia seeds, pumpkin pie spice (yum!) and Almond Breeze (also yum!).  Very simple.  Very satisfying.  Oatmeal always seems to hold be for a long time, which is a good thing.

Lunch, also simple and easy.  Leftover egg salad from the other day in my beloved Ole tomato and basil tortilla wraps.  I’m almost out so they must go on the shopping list.  These are so great!  Only 1 point on WW and you can fill them with almost anything.  I have to start to get more creative with what I add.  They are little wonders!  I usually make 2 and it almost never becomes a high point lunch.  🙂

Dinner was a stir fry of deliciousness.  Olive oil and garlic ( I don’t know any other way to start one!)  Baby eggplant, red bell pepper, the last of the cremini mushrooms and the last 😦 of the Trader Joe’s Soycutash (corn and edamame.)  Looks like another road trip will be in my future soon.  (Boy, now that I don’t have to drive the highways every day, I really hate driving on them.  But I think Trader Joe’s is probably worth it!)  Lots of spices, black pepper, Mrs. Dash, and I had gotten a sample in the mail of Bragg’s nutritional yeast “seasoning.”  I have to believe that is not the same as nutritional yeast.  I hear other bloggers saying how tasty and cheesy the nutritional yeast is when added to dishes.  I don’t think I could taste the difference from my other spices.  I’ll have to do some research on that.  I can’t seem to find nutritional yeast anywhere.  I’ll probably have to order it.

Snacks were good too.  I only had 3 clementines (why do I always eat 3?) after dinner.  I must confess that late last night (I think it was actually about 1am,)  Ralph came in, we were watching TV and he said he needed candy.  He asked me if I like 3 Musketeers (how LONG have we been together?!?)  I said yes and he brought in 2 of the mini bars.  I gave one back, he gave it to me again and I gave it back again.  I ate 1, not 2.  It was a struggle, but I have to say I really enjoyed just that one!  It was a struggle to hold my ground, but I did!   I’m proud of myself for that, but what am I doing eating candy at 1am?!?  Yikes!

Day 4 of my meditation practice went well.  I love my altar that I set up,

 I love my mala that I made.

 I’m proud of myself for getting this all set up and I didn’t spend a lot of money.  Thrift is a wonderful thing!

Speaking of thrift, there’s a rummage sale calling my name…off to rummage!

Happy Friday! 🙂


3 responses to “Happy Friday!

  1. I still need the name and or address for the location of tomorrow’s rummage sale. I plan to be there!

  2. without you there would be no rummage sale! We couldn’t have done it without your help. Thanks you so much! I now dub you an honorary Methodist and member of First Church!

  3. I love your mala. You ladies are so lovely. I cannot wait to try my meditation practice. 🙂

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