Thursday Already?

I awoke to this pretty sight this morning..

On Wednesday, I started the day with my meditation practice and Day 3 went well.  A little more on that later.

I had started working on my sorting project for the day, an avalanche of stuff on one of my dressers in the bedroom and another pile of previously ignored debris among the packing boxes. (gee…that was a long sentence!) 

I was doing well, when Ralph got a call from someone he’s done some consulting work for before.  He wanted to meet us for lunch to discuss something.  Where did Ralph suggest…In A Pickle!!  Ok, enough already!  I’m only kidding.  The meeting went well, I had their Caesar salad.  On their pickle bar which I’ve shown you before, they also have roasted red peppers.  I snagged a big cup full and added them to the Caesar.  Really makes it yummy.  Ralph took care of business and we were off. 

We got back home and I did actually get back to my project.  I was able to get rid of a lot of legitimate trash ( why do I save those CVS receipts?!?), junk mail (how does it get to the bedroom?) and all those “extra” buttons left from clothes I donated months ago!  I found some more candidates for the church rummage sale on Saturday.  My pile is growing and I’m excited to be able to donate things for a worthy cause.

Dinner couldn’t have been simpler.  Pasta with jarred sauce.  Sounds like cheating.  Ralph told me after dinner that when I asked him if that would be ok for dinner he was not enthused although he didn’t say that to me.  As we were eating (and watching TMZ!) he suddenly said “look at my bowl.”  I looked and it was empty!  He commented on the fact that he finished before I did.  Then he told me that it was a whole lot tastier than he thought it would be.  I told him that’s because it was made with love.  It took a while to get him up after he rolled on the floor!  😉

I mentioned earlier in the week I was attempting to set up a little altar for my morning meditation.  The photos aren’t the best and please do NOT look at the bookcase next to it…that debris has not yet been addressed, but I love it!

This shelf is one of my great yard sale finds.  I got it for $7 and the yard sale was just down the street so I don’t even have to factor in gas.  I’ve had it for several years and it just collected stuff (doesn’t everything in my house!??!) Now it serves a wonderful purpose.  In the last photo, you can see the stool I was talking about earlier in the week.  It all just lives at the foot of our bed.  I can get up early (before Ralph wakes up) and do my practice.  I just have to hope he doesn’t smell the matches when I light the candles! 😉

So, now it’s Thursday already.  I’m not sure yet what my project will be today.  I know there are a ton of dishes waiting for me.  That blasted maid never does her job!  Another reason to look forward to moving to New Mexico…I’ll have a dishwasher there! 😉  The Big Bang Theory is on tonight!!  Happy Thursday!


2 responses to “Thursday Already?

  1. I love your altar! You have now shamed me into making this be my project for next week! My practice is going well. I look forward to it each day. It gives me great hope at a time when I didn’t have much. BUT, now I see that the future is so bright that I need sunglasses!

    • That’s the kind of comment I like to hear! 🙂 I’m glad you like it. That shelf/bookcase just seemed the perfect choice and it was there! I had to search through stuff to find the Quan Yin. I gave you one too, I think. Anyway, I didn’t put out a penny for anything there (not recently anyway-only paid for the book and the beads for my mala.) I even found a huge bag of tea lights so if you need some let me know! Hugs to YOU!

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