Sunny, Sunny Wednesday

Just like yesterday, today is starting out to be beautiful and sunny!  What a wonderful thing after the Winter we’ve had!

Yesterday was a bit disjointed.  Ralph wanted to go to lunch a In A Pickle again.  I love it there, but I need a little more variety.  I’m actually trying to encourage him to not eat out so often.  It’s working to some extent but…

I got a wonderful thing in the mail yesterday…

…a catalog from Penzeys Spices!  I had seen mention of Penzeys on a blog several weeks ago and I went to their website.  It looked wonderful and I sent for a catalog.  It’s amazing. They have so many different and unusual spices and their prices are rather reasonable (except of course for the saffron and the vanilla beans!)  They have spices I’ve never heard of and a number of their own blends which look tasty.  There are lots of recipes in the catalog as well, even one for a cake that uses prunes! 

Only problem is they are NOT low-calorie recipes.  I’m going to have to work on them to lighten them up a bit.  Any one know what is a substitute for vegetable shortening?  Is that one where you can use applesauce?  I’ll have to do some research.  But it all looks wonderful and even comes with a $5.00 coupon!  What more could I ask?!? 🙂

Dinner was a stir fry over couscous…Started like this…

Edamame, baby eggplant, red bell peppers and crimini mushrooms.  There was a bit of finger damaged involved with the preparation and just so you know, mushrooms are very good at absorbing blood. 😦  Yikes, does that mean this was NOT vegetarian?!?!?  I hope not!

Added lots of spices, black pepper, Mrs. Dash, Bell’s seasonings onion and herb and vegetable broth.

Yummy, yummy-steaming bowl of wonderful.

Steamng bowl of wonderful topped with Locatelli (stinky feet!) cheese! 😉

I was very disappointed that American Idol bumped off Glee last night so I found myself adrift in a sea of nothingness on TV…until I realized that Turner Classic Movies was showing “All About Eve” probably one of my top five favorite movies, if not number one!  I love it!  When I told Ralph it was on, he said he knew but thought since I’d seen it so many times, I wouldn’t want to watch again.  What is he, crazy?

Fasten Your Seatbelts…It’s Going to be a Bumpy Night!

I love it every time I see it! 

Morning meditation practice was joyful!  On to a good day!


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