Om Ok, How Are You?

After starting my meditation practice yesterday morning things went well.  I’ve been terrible the last few days about taking photos of food, though…I’ve got to get back on track with that! 🙂

Breakfast was my new favorite oatmeal with pumpkin butter…

…but without the granola (file photo!)

Lunch was the House American Tofu steak on Ole tomato and basil tortilla wrap with tomato, romaine and Dijon mustard.  I really like this.  I need to go on a search for more tofus like this.  I also found a recipe recently for baked tofu which I think I’m going to try, that way I can buy the plain and season it as I like…more on that as I learn what I’m doing! 😉

My plan for sorting, packing, etc is going ok, I think.  With the first rummage sale coming up on Saturday, it gives me encouragement to keep doing it so that I’ll have donations. I’m trying to be specific about what I want to work on, then I won’t feel overwhelmed or get tired of the whole idea.  I worked on my bedside stand yesterday.  I was surprised how much I found in there that I could donate! 😉  I was also surprised at what fun and interesting things I found in there…plus about 100 pens…Ralph is always giving me pens…what can I say?

Dinner was finally the leftover barbecue beans and dogs.  Ralph proclaimed it delicious and said (as he usually does about most things I make, soups, etc.) that it’s always tastier a few days after I’ve made it.  I guess that’s my claim to fame, my cooking needs to age! 🙂  I thought it tasted good too.  Now the fun begins.  I get to make soup from the leftovers.  I came up with this idea a few years ago and it really is tasty.  I’ll share everything after I make it!

After dinner, I got comfy sitting on the bed ready to watch one of my favorites, Antiques Roadshow!  I saw as far as the second item and I was out for the night!  I didn’t wake up until about 3am and went back to sleep to wake up again at 4:45am.  Couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up at about 5:15am. 

One very good result of falling asleep like that?  No snacks and I didn’t even have to use up any of my supply of will power!  I think that’s almost cheating but it worked!  I used to know a man who was a Weight Watchers leader who had a funny saying.  He said he had a tremendous amount of willpower because he had never used any of it!  I always thought that was hysterical and I used it when I was leading my classes. 

Day 2 of meditation practice went well.  Each day I get a little less fumble fingered with my mala.  The book suggests that you keep a spiritual diary while doing your practice.  I have to get started on that.  I’m still working on getting my little altar set up and I will share it when I’m satisfied with it. 

So all in all, Monday was a good day.  Now let’s see what Tuesday holds in store.  Have a wonderful, joyous day! 🙂


6 responses to “Om Ok, How Are You?

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I’m on day 29 and I am still fumbly fingered. It really has given me focus. I must set up my own altar. It’s funny, doing the mantra/mala thing and helping you has made me really feel like a reiki master!

  2. I will be coming to the rummage sale! Please send me the address so I am sure to find it 🙂

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