Grandmom Would Approve

This post needs to start with a disclaimer…please, no matter what you think after you here my topic…please do not just go to the next blog.  Give me a chance.  Thank you for your support!

My topic for today is something that so many people will turn their noses up at and I really hope you’ll just read and think about it.

The topic is PRUNES! 🙂

I can hear the Yucks and the Icks echoing around me, but they can be so delicious.  One of my favorite memories of my Grandmother’s house was the smell of these cooking on the stove.  Gram always stewed them with lemons.  Many years ago on a trip to Mexico I found prunes served on a buffet cooked with cinnamon.  After that trip I combined the two into something delicious. 🙂

It really couldn’t be simpler.  You need a 12 oz box of Prunes, I used store brand, 1 lemon and Cinnamon!

That’s it.  I used to cook them whole but since I was planning on eating them with yogurt and oatmeal, I cut them in half this time.

Cut the lemon in half and then into small pieces,

Place the prunes into a microwave safe dish. Squeeze the lemon over the prunes and add the pieces of lemon (they help to flavor the yummy juice!)

Sprinkle cinnamon liberally…and I do mean liberally!

Cover with water to just above the prunes and lemons.

Microwave on High for 10 minutes and you have a bowl of wonderful, aromatic, sweet, spicy, steaming goodness…

Your kitchen will smell so good you won’t believe it, and yes, as Gram used to tell us,  they’re good for you!  Prunes are fat-free, no cholesterol, and very high in potassium.  I love them enough to just eat them as a snack.  I eat them cold and sometimes I warm them up in the microwave. 

I tried them with Greek yogurt…

Be sure to drizzle a little of the wonderful juice over the yogurt…

Tomorrow, I’m going to mix them in with my oatmeal.  I can’t wait.  You shouldn’t either.  I know…Prunes…yuck.  Gram used to call them “pru-ins” and trust me, she knew what she was talking about! 🙂


3 responses to “Grandmom Would Approve

  1. I used to love to eat the lemon rind as well when Gram made it. I feel sorry for anyone who won’t at lest give it a try!

  2. oh my goodness. i love prunes. they are like candy. actually, i feel like that was a joke in a movie somewhere – nature’s candy. haha.

    i’ve only ever popped them whole. sunsweet ones? i know it just looks like marketing, but they are delicious. i can’t believe there’s a fun, new prune recipe! i will definitely have to steal this from you. mmmm, dried plum oatmeal! (it really does have a sweeter ring to it than prunes. the plum council knows what’s up.)

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