Structure…She Needs Structure!!

Yikes!  I have to admit I had a TERRIBLE day regarding food yesterday.  😦 A scone for breakfast, 3 clementines for lunch, leftover chili over whole wheat pasta (yummy, though…) then popcorn while watching Glee.  Not really that bad but then I got into something that wasn’t even mine…

See the lovely heart-shaped bowl of Valentine colored M&M’s??  Well they’ve been plaguing me since Monday and creeping into my mouth.  😦

I need structure.  I’ve got to sit down and make a plan for how I’m going to get this all under control and get myself back on track.  That will be my project for later in the day.

Proud to say I did what I’d planned yesterday.  My aim was to work in the basement and get a collection of things that I don’t want anymore that I’m going to donate to Ele’s church rummage sale.  I got a good pile together and found some cool things in the process, some necessary paperwork and just cool.

Ele and I have been working on gathering things to send to our cousins Kim and Lisa in California.  Their Dad was our Mom’s brother, Joe.  We’ve found a lot of photos of Uncle Joe when he was in the Air Force in Korea.  In my basement, I also found some letters that their Mom had sent to Gram when they were stationed somewhere.  Yesterday I found a letter that Kim had sent to Gram and Pop when they first moved to California in 1964.  It’s so cute, written in little kid handwriting.  I just love it.  I also found a big photo of Uncle Joe, Aunt Bette and Kim (looking about 3 years old.)  I think Kim and Lisa need these things because there’s a good chance that they’ve never seen some of the Air Force photos.  I’m excited about sharing all of these treasures with them.

So here is what I accomplished yesterday…

That’s the back seat of my car, filled with donations!  🙂 There’s still plenty more to be donated, but I have to go through it first.  I have 2 weeks until the first sale, so I’m planning on a few more trips to the church before that.  This makes me feel good.

I’ll be spending a little time at the church today helping Ele.  At least I won’t be eating M&M’s!!!  Structure…Structure!! 🙂


5 responses to “Structure…She Needs Structure!!

  1. structure! You can do it. Sometimes I stand in our cafeteria and tell myself (out loud) “don’t eat that – put the ____ down!” and then people laugh at me. I also buy a lot of girl scout cookies because a lot of people in my work group sell them. I finally had to put them in the freezer to keep them out of my mouth. And you know what: Frozen cookies? pretty good!

  2. we wouldn’t be as far along with things at church if it weren’t for your help. Besides, I got to spend the afternoon with my two favorite people!

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