This Just Might Work!

The rest of Valentine’s Day was quiet, just doing some things around the house.  Ralph had his regular checkup with our family doctor last night so we went off to that with the thought that we’d get dinner at one of our favorite diners which is not far from the doctor’s office.

We went to The Meadows in Blackwood, NJ.  I wish I had a photo to share of this diner.  It’s been there for years, Ralph remembers it when he was growing up.  It was renovated a few years ago and it’s all silvery with neon everywhere.  I usually prefer subtle, but in a diner, I love glitz!! 🙂 I would have taken a photo, but it was so windy, I would have been blown down the highway.

My whole reason for going to The Meadows is this…

The Athenia Burger!  I realized last night that I had the name slightly wrong, but this is correct now.  It’s listed on the “low-calorie” portion of their menu.  It’s a Greek salad and intended to have regular hamburger with it, but I ask for the “vegetable” burger.  I was looking much more closely at the menu last night and it was kind of fun.

I was under the impression that the burgers were made there, but according to our waitress, they order them from somewhere.  I asked again if I could find out where, but she said the boss won’t tell anyone.  I was hoping there was a recipe that I could wheedle out of him.  I’m going to keep working on him…they are certainly the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had in a diner and better than some of the ones you can buy in a grocery store.  Someday, I’ll sweet talk him out of the info! 😉

My plan for today after a few quick errands this morning is to get some work done in the basement.  My focus for today will be weeding out and packing up things that I want to give away.  My sister Ele’s church is going to have a monthly rummage sale and I would certainly rather make the donation to them than somewhere else.  The first sale is on March 5 so I want to get together as much as I can.  Ele will be working there tomorrow setting up so whatever I can get together today, I can get out of the house tomorrow!  I like that!  As I said a few days ago, if I write it here…I have to do it.  This might just work!


2 responses to “This Just Might Work!

  1. mmmm, athenia burger. i definitely have to get there sometime.

    have you ever been to the pop shop in collingswood? i’ve only been once, but it was the cutest place ever. it’s kind of like an old-fashioned soda shop. they have a page of grilled cheese sandwiches, and a page of make-your-own-burger… with the most delicious veggie burger i have ever had. very chunky with bits of different veggies, crispy and stupendous. we should all venture out there.

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