Tuesday Has No Feel**

I couldn’t believe how cold it was yesterday in spite of the temperature being up.  I nearly froze my good parts off sitting on my porch trying to work on the computer…If I could only get that wireless thingy set up! 😦

I started out with a wonderful new breakfast, thanks to Kristen!  I had blogged about eating my apple with Greek yogurt.  Kristen suggested I microwave the apple first with cinnamon then adding the yogurt.  She’s a Genius!!

Chopped up my BIG apple (the last of the Fujis from my produce adventure)  Added lots o’ cinnamon and 2 Splenda.

After microwaving for 1.5 minutes…topped with yogurt…Ta Da!

Yum, Yum, Yum…

Do you think I liked it!?!

We had some errands to run after breakfast (Gee, don’t we always anymore?)  And Ralph suggested we stop at In A Pickle again for lunch.  I like it a lot but my only complaint is it’s always cold in there.  I helped to alleviate that problem with this…

… the biggest cup of tea in the world!

It was a good choice and I enjoyed it!

I had the Caprese salad again, Romaine, tomato, mozzarella cheese with the Balsamic vinaigrette (I stick with what I like…) Please note the pickles in the background.

Of course, Ralph drew a sketch for the waitress..

He’s too funny, he loves to draw for people.  Now if I could just get him to understand he concept of selling his art.  I keep working on him. 

Since I had been up since 3:30am for no reason I can understand, I came home and took a nap.  Dinner was not interesting, just veggie burgers while I watched Glee. 

My real success for the night was that all I ate after dinner was a small piece of my Angel Food Pineapple cake.  I’m happy about that and proud of myself.  Maybe I’ll have an enjoyable Saturday morning!  Stay tuned.

**A Big Hug for whoever can identify where I got this title.


2 responses to “Tuesday Has No Feel**

  1. Eeeeeee! We had the same breakfast today!!! Adorable.

    And I know where you got the title, but it’s because I cheated with Ms. Google. I deserve no (additional) hug. But now that I know, I remember it! (Maybe that counts for like 0.25?

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