The Angels Were With Me

I’ve been feeling a little irritated/annoyed/stupid over my last 2 attempts at baking.  The pumpkin spice cake and cornbread catastrophes of the last few weeks have left me feeling pretty useless in the baked goods arena. 

I have figured out the problem (I needed to try it twice so that I was sure what the problem was.)  Don’t use old boxed mixes.  I thought I would be able to give the pumpkin spice cake another try because I found another spice cake mix in the pantry, but this time I checked the “best by” date and it’s past date…not as past date as the other one was, but I’m not going to waste a good can of pumpkin on it!  I’ll get a new one when I get to the store again!

But on to my success! 🙂 Another standby Weight Watchers cake recipe is the Angel Food Pineapple cake.  It is just what it says…a box of Angel Food cake mix and a 20 oz. can of crushed pineapple in natural juice.

I used Duncan Hines Angel Food cake mix and store brand crushed pineapple.  I’ve done it with brand name cake mix and store brand and both have been successful, so I don’t think it matters which you use…as long as you bought it in the 21st century!   😉

It is as simple as can be.  You put the mix in the bowl, open the can of pineapple and add it to the mix, juice and all.

Mix the two together, being careful because the Angel Food mix is very light weight compared to other cake mixes and it will fly all over.  Word to the wise…there’s some reaction (chemical?) that sort of turns it into a science experiment, it bubbles up and makes a lot more than you think it will

Don’t add anything else.  You only need to read the box to get the temperature and cooking time…and the expiration date. 😦  Also you may want to check it about 5 minutes earlier than it says because I have had it come out a little too brown.

You may also need a bigger baking pan than you think because it does grow when it bakes.  I used 2 pans because I wanted to share one with my friend Gail whose Mom is still recovering.

And THIS is the finished…SUCCESSFUL product!!

One other word of caution, it will be somewhat sticky and can be hard to get out of the pan.  I suggest carefully running your knife around the perimeter of the cake while it’s still warm.  It makes it easier to get out later. 

It was moist and delicious and still warm when I gave it to Ralph for breakfast.

It was also still warm when I took the other pan to Gail’s house.  She’s familiar with the cake and was very pleasantly surprised when I showed up bearing gifts. It was funny, she couldn’t wait and cut into it almost as soon as I got there.  Our other friend Alice was there and had a piece too, also with a good review.  The tough customer was Gail’s Mom.  We gave her a piece after she had eaten her lunch…she pronouced it “really good!” 

I’m feeling better about my baking again.  The funny thing is, as I was about to leave Gail’s house she asked me to wait a minute.  She came out of the kitchen and handed me a bag.  I opened the bag and what did I find?

Just what I need to make another Angel Food Pineapple cake!  First thing I did was check the “best by” date.  We’re good there. 😉  Guess I know what my next baking project will be!


4 responses to “The Angels Were With Me

  1. That cake looks awesome!! I WANT!!

  2. Ooooo, congratulations! It looks absolutely incredible. I knew of the pineapple / cool whip / angel food cake dessert, but this sounds even better. Hello, billionth recipe on my to-try list.

    You had me rolling with the “You only need to read the box to get the temperature and cooking time…and the expiration date.”

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