It’s just another day….

Boy, I’ve had more than my share of disjointed days lately.  Yesterday, I had lots of errands in the morning, then stopped by to see Gail and her Mom to deliver cat food!  Gee, I thought I stopped buying cat food when my cats went to kitty heaven. 😦  I was glad to do it and I stayed to visit for a while which was very nice.  Her Mom is doing so much better, it’s great to see it! 🙂

I didn’t get home until after 1pm and I was starving.  I threw together Greek yogurt, unsweetened applesauce, pumpkin pie spice and honey.  It looked so delicious and I was so hungry, I never took the time to take a picture.  When dinner time came, I made a steak and baked potato for Ralph and started to put together my yummy dish.

Started with my usual olive oil and garlic, Portobello mushroom and also zucchini which I forgot to take a picture of until it was in the pan!

Added the red bell pepper (one of my favorites!)

…then the snow peas (finally finished them from 2 weeks ago, but they were still  perfect!)

And lots of spinach ( I wasn’t getting caught short this time!)

The finished product looked like this…

Served it all over couscous…

It was SO good!  I love it when my photos show the steam coming off the food.  It shows that I truly just cooked it.  I always hate in cookbooks and magazines when the food looks anemic, I like warm spicy food and that’s what I make.

I keep meaning to explain the “pie plate” that I usually use for my stir fries.  After years of cooking this way and making big portions because it’s mostly veggies (and all for me!)  😉 this works well.  So many times if I use a standard dinner plate, I make a terrible mess and it lands in my lap!  I realize I should probably pretty up my photos.  I probably will as time goes on.  One reason I’ve been doing this is because all of my real dishes are packed at the moment.  When I get to New Mexico, you’ll see what I can really do with my tasty offerings!

Now to accomplish some things for today.  Weight Watchers was not kind to me today, 1.4 pound gain, but I will keep at it.  After that, it’s been a good day and I’ll update all the fun tomorrow.  At least it’s not snowing! But it is raining…when I consider the alternative…I’ll take the rain!


2 responses to “It’s just another day….

  1. valerie andruss

    thanks to your blog, I’m eating more veggie myself! Peanut butter, apple and cheddar cheese sandwich for lunch yesterday; anchovy pizza for dinner, and white bean soup & salad tonight!

    • That’s great! I think there are so many different combos of veggies that you can do. I’m never bored. It really only gets to be an issue when I go out to eat. That’s one of the reason that diners are so great. Never thought of PB, apple and cheddar in as sandwich,but that sounds good. I’ve got some wraps in the fridge and everything else. Mmmm… sounds like lunch tomorrow!

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