As Big as My Head!

Ralph and I had some errands to run again today, we had to go to the town where he used to work to take care of some paperwork. 

I started with my recent favorite…

1/2 cup of oats

1 Tbsp of chia seeds

1 Tbsp ground flax seeds

Cinnamon! (remember it’s good for me!)

1 Fuji apple

Cook in the microwave, add 1/2 cup Almond Breeze

Don’t you just love the mood lighting in this shot?  I really should move things out of the way in the back ground when I do this.  It reminds me of the “after” shots I used to see in Weight Watchers magazine.  Members showing what they’d accomplished with losing their weight, looking great and so proud of themselves…standing next to the trash can! 🙂  It always cracked me up.  This is still a learning process for me.  At least I didn’t put my oatmeal next to the trash can!

When we got on the road, we were pleased and amazed to see…a Blue Sky!

What a wonderful sight! (glad this wasn’t on Wednesday because Old Phil would have seen his shadow!)

Since we were in that area, we decided to go to a diner that figures in Ralph’s and my courtship.  Gee that sounds old-fashioned but it’s true.  The story is way too long so I won’t tell it here.  It used to be the Five Points Diner.  It’s now Seven Star.   We haven’t been there very often since it changed but this was a pleasant experience.  I had their Spinach Salad.  It comes with spinach, of course, mushrooms, red onions, Feta cheese and Balsamic vinaigrette.  It should also have bacon, but I asked that it be left off.  I also asked for Portobello mushroom to be added. 

This is what came to my table…

…truly bigger than my head!  It was so big I had a hard time getting a good perspective for the photo.  I didn’t want to draw even more attention to myself by standing up to take the photo so I did what I could.  Ralph thanked me for that. 😉

It was tasty to be sure, the vinaigrette was just right and very flavorful.  I did clean my plate!

As we were leaving, Ralph stopped at the bakery counter.  He said he wanted a cookie,  I didn’t think that would be so bad, I said yes…I’ll have a cookie.

This is what he picked…

Well, perhaps it wasn’t bigger than my head, but it was close!  I told Ralph that I had to do my exercise before I ate this and he asked why.  I told him because I’m going to eat it…exercise is the only way I could justify it!

So, I made tea for us, and we ate our cookies!  I warmed mine in the microwave to soften up the preserves inside and it made the cookie all moist and yummy.  My friend Alice used to joke when she took a bite of something and didn’t finish it that it wasn’t worth the points.  Although I have no idea what the points are (I’m going to give it 20, the week’s almost over, what else am I going to use them on!) it was definitely worth it. 

I guess you have to be prepared to pay the Points Master if you’re going to eat something bigger than your head! 😉


2 responses to “As Big as My Head!

  1. perhaps instead of exercising you could just have broken the cookie? 🙂

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