Yes we have some bananas…

I started yesterday with my go to oatmeal/chia/ground flax seed mixture.  I decided I would try it with banana.  As I’ve mentioned I’m not a real banana fan but I keep hearing everyone talk about adding bananas to their oatmeal.  Although I forgot to take a picture and didn’t have time to do a recreation right now, it was pretty good!  I did use a banana that had seen better days and I think it would be even better with a fresher banana.  I wasn’t sure if it would work in the microwave since most of the other bloggers cook the oatmeal, but I was pleased with the result and it was very filling! 🙂 So look forward to more bananaing around here.

We had to run some errands so Ralph suggested that we go to In A  Pickle for lunch. It’s close and we always enjoy ourselves there.  Beside that, I like to support small local places so that they stay open! 🙂  Especially when I can get veggie friendly food.

On the way it was foggy but looked neat…

So pretty, but enough already…I’m just sayin’…

When we got to In A Pickle, we asked about the soups…they all sounded good  corn and potato chowder and another one I forget right now, but I asked our waitress if there was any meat in them and she said no.  I asked if she knew what kind of stock they used and she said she was sure it was veggie.  Ralph ordered some of the corn chowder, I could have put money on that choice! 😉

He said it was yummy.  Our waitress came back and apologized to me saying she had checked with the chef and it was chicken stock.  I decided to stand up for myself a bit and since I really enjoy soup and rarely get to eat it out because of the veggie/chicken stock debate I made a suggestion.  I said to her that maybe she could suggest to the chef that he use veggie stock so that vegetarians could eat the soup too.  I told her I would have ordered it if it was made with veggie stock (hint…hint…more sales) She said she would mention it.  Did she…hmmmm??

One of the fun things there is the pickle bar…

You get to pick your pickles!

We were boring and both got bread & butter pickles, no surprise there, either.

I had something for lunch I hadn’t had before, a Veggie Parmesan…

…made with squash, bell peppers, broccoli, onions, eggplant in marinara sauce with sharp provolone cheese.  Yummmy…

Messy but good!

Ralph had sweet sausage with peppers and onions and of course, he did a drawing for the waitress…

She liked it, as always!

Two happy, full people on a snowy day. (Gee, I really should put on some makeup if I’m going to be a blog star!!)

And I need to get better at taking picture of myself!  Well, I could start today!


4 responses to “Yes we have some bananas…

  1. I think that you look beautiful! No added make up needed. I love In A Pickle. I was thinking about going there for my “once a week” treat!

    I was really surprised with the fog. I could hardly see the school from my window at work!

  2. valerie andruss

    the veggie Parmesan looks yummie. Woke up to -1 in KC, but the sun is out and the streets are clearing anyway…

    Very much enjoying the blog!

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