Disjointed Day

I had a sort of  weird food day yesterday.  Most of the morning involved running errands,  mostly food related.  We went to Walmart to stock up on veggie burgers…Morningstar Farms are the preferred brand.  I got a bunch for myself and for my friend Gail who isn’t able to get out because her Mom is recovering from a hospital stay and needs help most of the time.  Fortunately, we seem to be able to find our favorite chick’n grillers which strangely are not listed on their website.  Take my word for it, they’re delicious!

Went back to my favorite produce place, Verchio’s in Gloucester.  I got this wonderful haul…not as big this time…

Bananas, red bell peppers, Portobellos, spinach and zucchini.  I’m really getting into bananas, I’m not usually a banana fan, but I know they’re good for me, so I’m working on it. 

Lunch was just left over ancient bean soup which I’m still working on and still enjoying.  It came to about 7:30pm and I realized I was getting hungry.  I dug into my Morningstar Farms stash and got out the Spicy Black Bean Burgers which are also one of my favorites.

I usually just plop them in the toaster oven and they cook away.  I toasted up some Maier’s Italian Bread

…another new favorite.  I added some cheese just before the burgers were finished.  I didn’t take a photo, I was too hungry by that point!

I ate my dinner while watching Antiques Roadshow which is also one of my favorites.  Gee, sounds like I have a lot of favorites, doesn’t it?! 🙂 Well, it’s true. Then I fell asleep and that’s all she wrote…well, with me, it’s rarely all she wrote!

We’re  expecting a big storm…AGAIN!!! 😦  Funny how that is in the winter.  I personally can’t remember a winter with so much snow, so I suppose we have more of these pictures to look forward to…

Time to get going to a more productive day!


4 responses to “Disjointed Day

  1. In the TOASTER?????

    It’s snowing so hard here you can’t see across the street! They’re closing the office at 11 AM – first time in 30 yrs

    • Oh, Val…not the toaster…the toaster OVEN! You made me check to make sure I wrote it correctly! Wow, I hope you guys are ok. We didn’t get anything to day except kind of rainy stuff over night, but I have the feeling it’s on it’s way…make it stop!

  2. I am loving the snow pictures! Easy for me to say, though: I live in the gray and rainy and dreary Puget Sound!!

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