She Made Me Do It!

My plan after posting yesterday was to dig into the basement and get some sorting/packing/throwing done.  But I get a text from my sister Ele and where does she want to go…Barnes & Noble !

The culprit…

Look at that innocent face…she’s mean…when she says I have to go…I HAVE TO GO!!

So off we went.  We browsed around for a while…

I WANT one!! 🙂

It was actually a rather short visit for us, but enjoyable never the less.

We both had their new flavor of latte, cinnamon dolce…yum…

Very tasty, not too sweet.  I got mine fat-free so I didn’t feel so bad about that “tiny” bit of whipped cream on top!  (I don’t actually like whipped cream much and usually asked for it to be left off.)

I was proud of myself because I only bought 2 magazines…

I’m allowed…I consider them research tools!

I read through both of them while watching the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night. There were some great recipes in them plus lots of informative articles.  I’m enjoying really getting into this whole thing and I’m doing more cooking in the process.  I don’t think my stove has seen this much service in the entire 20 some years that I’ve lived in this house! 😉  It’s probably helping me to stay on track with Weight Watchers as well.  Besides that…it’s fun!

So today, I actually have to accomplish some things. 

Thank goodness…certain people have to work today!

At least I’m safe for a while!


6 responses to “She Made Me Do It!

  1. I object! You always want to go to B & N. I had a gift card that was burning a hole in my wallet! We did have a good time, though. And yummy to the new flavored coffe.

  2. Hahahaha. I miss Barnes & Noble. Can I be a bad influence, too?

    My side of the scone story has been uploaded. 🙂

    • Yes, of course you can play! We went kind of early on Sunday. I was going to text you to see if you were interested, but I figured you’d probably been out late on Saturday having party fun and thought you might be sleeping in. Next time…you’ll hear from me no matter what…you NEED to try the cinnamon dolce latte…mmmmmmmm

  3. I miss going to the Amish market with you ladies (and Wade of course).

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