Get Me Out Of Here!

I haven’t been out of the house in two days and I’m going a little crazy.  I’m going to head out to the grocery store to get my supplies to finally make this bean soup!  :-)After I do that, I think I’ll be in because I hear there may be more snow.  So this will be my one chance for escape.

Yesterday’s lunch was great fun. When I went to Trader Joe’s (2 weeks ago?) I got two packages of baked tofu.  I had never tried it before and it looked good.  I had put it in the butter keeper on the door of my frig and there it has been because I forgot about it! I found it and used it for lunch yesterday. I’ll probably do the same for today! 😉

Although it doesn’t look it, the tortilla wrap is one of the Ole spinach wraps (yum!!)  I spread it with Dijon mustard, added Romaine lettuce, a few grape tomatoes and the tofu.  It was delicious!

Looked pretty too! 

I have been working hard on finishing all of the produce we got last Saturday at the produce place.  Last night’s dinner looked a lot like my last several dinners because I’ve been using the same basics, Portobello mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, red bell peppers, garlic and olive oil.  I did make a batch of Basmati rice last night.  I haven’t had that in a while and I really enjoyed it. I cooked it in veggie broth with black pepper and Mrs. Dash (my new best friend!) There was a new addition though last night.  When I had gone to TJ’s I also got a package of something called Soycatash.  It’s corn and edamame. (clever name)  I added that to the stir fry and it was delicious!  It was really filling too which is important to me because I have such a problem with night-time snacking.  The only snack I had later was a navel orange.  🙂

I’m so proud of myself because I’m notorious (to myself…) for buying produce and then not using it.  Great for the compost pile, but not very bright…

Out of all this, I only have one head of Romaine, some apples, some oranges, snow peas, 2 bananas and grape tomatoes.  They’re still all in good shape too.  I’m impressed that we finished the bananas because they almost always go bad.  I’m not a big banana fan, but I did my part on this big batch. 

So, now I’m off to the store.  There’s bean soup in my future!  I’m getting jealous of all the turkey soup Ralph is eating.  We can have a challenge tonight…I Love Soup! 🙂


4 responses to “Get Me Out Of Here!

  1. I love baked tofu 🙂 But then again I am a fan of tofu in general. Sounds like I need a trip to Trader Joe’s in search of Soycatash 🙂 As far as using up all your produce, I think you did a great job 🙂 One of the nice things about everything you have left (with the exception of the lettuce) is that it all can be used even if it starts to lose freshness. Apples make easy natural sauce, oranges can be juiced, snow peas blanched and frozen, bananas can be mashed and frozen and added to recipes and drinks, and grape tomatoes can be tossed into sauce for pasta.

  2. the picture of your lunch is worthy of Martha Stewart Living! Very neatly made.

    Ginny, I myself have taken some scary looking grape tomatoes and put them in soup. They might not look pretty but certainly are tasty!

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