This is Getting Tiresome~

I know, I know…it’s PRETTY!


Like a painting…


…A Wonderland…

It leaves me wondering if it will ever stop. 😦

The ONLY good thing is that I’m inside my house and not contemplating if I should try to get to work.  🙂 They never sounded sincere when I would call in and say I was not coming because of the bad weather.  I don’t think anyone ever appreciated the fact that I drove 25 miles each way to work.  That’s one of the reasons I don’t do it anymore!! 😉

Now although the sun is shining brightly in the East, the sky to the West looks like another storm on its way.  Alright, enough about the snow! 🙂

I can’t really cook what I’d planned (BEAN SOUP!!) because I don’t have what I need and don’t expect to go out in this.  My plan for the day is sorting and packing and making huge quantities of trash to go out the door.  I’m not about to spend another winter here and with New Mexico waiting for me, the harder I work, the sooner I get there.  I need to get some breakfast…could it look like this…


As tired as I am of snow, I am NOT tired of the thought of moving to NM and every box I sort or pack and every bag of trash I make, the closer I am to being there.

I’ll keep this in mind…

…and this…

…and this…

We’ll get through the winter and we have this to look forward to.  I have to keep this in mind.  Now I’ve got to dig into that basement!!


One response to “This is Getting Tiresome~

  1. valerie andruss

    First thing I had to do when we got back from the Everglades was shovel…

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