And the Nominees are…

I’m up and waiting for the Oscar nominations to be announced this morning.  It’s one perk of not working at the moment, I get to watch it live! 🙂  I always had to hear about it later, but I’m ready today!!

I used my marinated ancient beans yesterday for lunch.  Basically leftover salad with the beans and some added balsamic because as I thought, the warm beans absorbed all of the balsamic I originally added.

I was actually proud of myself for making a good food decision. I hadn’t eaten breakfast because of doing things around the house-not a good decision.  😦

I was on my way to go grocery shopping and I decided it would be good to eat lunch BEFORE shopping so that I wasn’t starved after.  I’ve never been a person that goes crazy at the store because I haven’t eaten, it just made sense to do it then.  It’s a good thing I did.  I had picked up some things for my friend Gail, whose Mom just got out of the hospital.  When I got to Gail’s house I didn’t leave!  I was there for almost 2 hours!  If I’d waited to eat, I would have been eating her couch ( like that lady on My Strange Addiction…what?…I don’t WATCH it, I just saw the commercials, ahem…ahem…no really…

We actually had a good time, we all sat around and watched Oprah’s big family secret reveal…I don’t usually do THAT either.  Oh, well, new year, new habits.

Speaking of strange addictions, at the grocery store I picked up these little devils…

I’ve been seeing pumpkin seeds on several of the blogs I read and thought I’d give them a try.  My intention to use them on salads and I’ve seen some people use them in their oatmeal.  Fire roasted sounded tasty.  They’re salted which I wasn’t looking for, but sadly they are TOO tasty!  I’m really going to have to control myself with them.  I just went into to the kitchen to take the photo and I was ready to dip my fingers into the pot…yikes!  I’ll have to be diligent and just use them on my salads.

For dinner I used some of my goodies from my trip to the produce place on Saturday…

…red bell pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, snow peas and Portobello mushrooms, ground black pepper and Mrs. Dash…yum!

Sautéed up with olive oil, garlic and some vegetable broth…

I’ve never cooked with Portobello mushrooms before, but they taste so GOOD!  

It’s almost time for the nominations to come on.  I’ve got my coffee and I’ll be marching in place as I watch to add some steps to my day.  I need to get some breakfast and then…I get to make turkey soup! 

Well, the nominations have been announced, I didn’t get one…I wait every year and nothing happens. 😦 But maybe I’ll get a nomination for Best Turkey Soup by a Vegetarian…hmmm…sounds like one I could win! 😉


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