Three squares a day…

I haven’t really posted an entire day of eating before.  Usually because I either don’t eat 3 meals (bad girl!) or I just do it on the run and don’t document anything.  So here is my attempt at really getting into this whole thing!

I started with oatmeal…

The mix included:

1/2 cup of quick oats

1 tbsp of chia seeds

1 tbsp ground flax-seed

1 cup water

Lots o’ cinnamon

I added frozen berry mix…

I finished it off with 3/4 cup of AlmondBreeze but I forgot to take a picture. Then the terrible transgression…I microwaved it. 😦  In reading a lot of the blogs, this seems like a prosecutable offence.  But I just find it easier and I like the way it tastes…so since I have to eat it, I make it my way.  At least I’m eating breakfast!

Lunchtime came along and I’m still trying to find something to do with all those black beans!

I’ve had the Ole whole wheat tortilla wraps in the frig for several weeks and needed to use them.  Fortunately, they seem to stay fresh a long time, which is good.  I spread the wrap with red pepper hummus from Aldi’s which is yummy.  Added some Romaine lettuce, the ever-present black beans and some grape tomatoes which had hidden themselves in the back of the frig and were a little worse for wear but they worked.

They looked pretty…

AND most importantly, they tasted good!

I spent about 3 hours working in the basement.  I’ve been packing breakables in bins with clothes to buffer them.  Much nicer than using newspaper which I’ve always used before.  I was actually packing up my collection of antique Mason and Kerr jars.  When we get to New Mexico, I’ll be getting them all set up and filled with all of my grains, pastas and spices.  Can’t wait for that!!  I will actually have a kitchen large enough to cook.  I packed up two bins, made a nice big bag of trash and found some wonderful things to give to Ele to help in her genealogy quest.  She was very happy to hear what I’d found.

Now keep in mind that Ralph is still working on his turkey (just as I’m still working on my black beans and quinoa!)  He said he’d take care of getting his own dinner, so I felt comfortable to experiment. 

Started with olive oil, garlic and onion…

They cooked…

…and they cooked…with the addition of some Mrs. Dash and dried basil…

I added shredded cabbage…

…and the last of the grape tomatoes…

…added the black beans and some vegetable broth…

…almost done…

…and finally in my dish!! Still steaming!

Now under all of that is quinoa (which I still love!) and boy did it make a BIG serving.  Of course most of it was veggies so I was free to eat all I wanted.  I’m a big eater, so I was up for the challenge!  However…

…this was as far as I got!  It was really good, but I couldn’t finish it and I packed it up for possibly lunch today. 

Sadly or not as the case may be, I got hungry later on.  I ate my leftovers, which was definitely a better thing to do than what happened the night before!

So that was Wednesday.  Exciting, eh??  I’m proud of myself for making good choices, staying on track and photographing everything, even though Ralph still gives me a funny look when I do it.  I guess I’d better not tell him that when dinner was cooking I leaned over the skillet to take a photo and the lens fogged up!  I was amused, but I don’t think I’ll share that with him just yet…I’ll wait until he gets a little more used to this whole thing. As long as I keep feeding him turkey, he’ll leave me to my chopping and arranging and photo taking.  Wait until I tell him I want a fancy new camera…yikes!!


6 responses to “Three squares a day…

  1. I microwave my oatmeal too….it’s way easier. 😉

    Your black beans and quinoa dish looks yummy! I need to have more black beans in my life.

  2. I always microwave too. So much easier.

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