Evil Wrapped in Foil, Flying a Flag…

I’ve been having a pretty good week as far as food goes.  I’ve been making generally good food choices, still working on all of the quinoa and the black beans.  🙂  and keeping up with my exercise.

I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, feels like a cold coming on so I didn’t exercise and kind of laid low around the house.  I actually feel like I do that all of the time now that I’m not working, but I am trying to make progress and be productive.  Yesterday, not so much.  I did well all day until last night. 

Sadly, I remembered that this was in my house…

Open it up and you find these…

Unfortunately…they have friends…

…and they ganged up on me…

I go in cycles when it comes to having a sweet tooth.  I can stay away from sweet things for a very long time until I have a craving.  My best defense is to not bring them in the house.  Great plan, if it weren’t for one small obstacle…

…see the innocent look on his face??  DON’T BELIEVE IT!!

There is an evil twin lurking inside…and the evil twin takes over, all too often! 😦

Ralph loves me and I know that…he wants me to have things that I enjoy…but he cannot be convinced that the best thing for me is to NOT have these things in the house. 

So last night they ganged up on me.  Listen, I have the greatest respect for the Hershey company for personal reasons, but as much as I love them…they need to STAY OUT OF MY HOUSE!! :-0

I’m feeling better now…stronger and more in control…but those evil little things need to leave me alone, stop stalking me and let me live in peace…

Piece by piece…

I’ve gotta run…they’re coming after me…HELPPPPPP…..!!!!


3 responses to “Evil Wrapped in Foil, Flying a Flag…

  1. OK, so you really needed a disclaimer on this one! But, since my day at work sucks so far, it was well worth it. I do know how you feel, since I eat so early along about 8:30 I’m starving! Sadly, there is still cheese left in the frig calling my name! Don’t give up, you are the most determined person I know. You will out run the little buggers!

  2. STAY OUT!!!! I say that as I have cookies in the house and m&ms too…..luckily my appetite hasn’t been much being preggo lately to overeat on them like the normal me.

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