Mini Road Trip

I do get a little lost with the concept that there’s a holiday now that I’m not working.  Martin Luther King day was never one that I got off but since my sister, Ele works for the local government, she had the day off.  She decided we needed a road trip!  Good thing it wasn’t today because there’s ice all over the place and I think it was sleeting last night when I put some trash out.  So yesterday was a good day to take a ride to Mullica Hill for our first visit to the Natural Harvest Market.  This was the new market I had found out about 2 weeks ago.  We had planned to go there after our Weight Watchers breakfast group meeting, but it snowed!  This is starting to feel like a theme around here! Never the less we made our way there.

Natural Harvest Market and Café

It’s a beautiful shop and I think it fits in well in Mullica Hill, one of my favorite places.

I forgot to take a photo of the outside of the shop (you can see it on their Facebook page- Search-Natural Harvest Market and Cafe) but inside is wonderful.  We got to meet Deanna, the owner.

She gave us the full tour and believe me, although they don’t have a lot of space to work with, it’s chock full of delightful things!

That’s Little Michael, off from school for MLK day and along for the ride, checking out the goodies!

The black rice and wheatberries that they just got in!

Deanna measuring out the wheatberries that I bought. 🙂

I love the chance to try something new.  She even has recipes printed out for the various products that they carry which is a great.  I know I have another wheatberry recipe too, that I just saw in a cookbook or magazine.  Deanna mentioned to us that she was expecting the Fedex man any minute with a shipment of bulk spices to add to the selection.  As we were getting into the car to leave, there was the Fedex man.  Later in the afternoon, Deanna had already posted on her Facebook page that the bulk spices were available.  Very efficient!  We’ll have to make another road trip to take a look at the bulk spices.  I love to buy in bulk; the prices are usually better and you can buy just what you need instead of a whole jar when you only need 1/16 of a teaspoon of something!

Everyone visit the Natural Harvest Market in Mullica Hill. Their website is  You can also find them on Facebook, just search Natural Harvest Market and Cafe. 

I’m off now to figure out what spices I’ll need to pick up the next time I go and to find that other darned wheatberry recipe!  Have a great day!


One response to “Mini Road Trip

  1. I totally agree! This is a great store. She was so cute, she asked if I was a vegetarian, too, and when I said no, she then told me about her quality chicken and other meats. So, there is really something for everyone there. Little Michael loved the cookies that I bought for him. They were glutin, peanut and tree nut free. He’s very fussy but he said they were the best he ever had. I’m not usre how to take that, he used to say that about mine!

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