Road Trip and Explaining it All

I had some time all to myself today because Ralph was traveling to the Princeton area to do 2 composites.  He is a retired detective and composite artist and occasionally gets a call to do one.  Today he won the prize and is doing two!  He hasn’t done any in a while and I could tell he was excited to get back in the game.  He’s so good, but then he always says I’m prejudiced.  I promise, I am NOT prejudiced, he’s that good in all areas of art.  I’m just proud of him!

So, with most of the day to myself what should I do?  I should be sorting and packing and tossing. Noooo….I went to Trader Joe’s!  I haven’t been there in a long time because it’s about 15 miles away.  Another thing that I didn’t realize until I was on my way, there’s a huge amount of road construction going on Rt. 73.  Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t complain too much: when we move to New Mexico, the closest one will be 157 miles away in Tucson!  Their products are so unique it will be worth it.  I’ve tried to figure out if you can order from their website, but I don’t think you can.  So I guess I’ll have to get used to road trips!

Here is my loot…

As I’ve mentioned before, due to current circumstances, photography can be a challenge.  Any guesses how this was taken?  Dish towels over the stove!  I had to work fast to get the cold stuff away from the pilot lights as fast as possible, but it worked.  I truly could have bought one of everything but I restrained myself and didn’t spend a lot.   I’ll go through the specifics as I use them, but I’m really looking forward to trying the baked tofu.  I got one called savory flavor and the other is teriyaki.  One of my future purchases is going to be a tofu press that lets you marinate and press the tofu.  I’m really getting into tofu: it is good for you and cheap!  So I’m pretty happy with the fruits of my adventure.

I realized that I have never explained the name of the blog.  Broken Cookies Don’t Count is something I’ve been kicking around for a while.  It started long before I had any clue about the concept of a blog, but I think this works well and will help me to move it along to what I would like it to become.

When I was originally going through the Weight Watchers program to lose the 50 pounds that got me to goal, I had lots of excuses.  I think anyone who has ever tried to lose weight, whether with WW or any other program, has come up with excuses.  We come up with many excuses, we come up with creative excuses, we come up with ridiculous excuses.  We always have a reason why we can’t do what we need to do or the things that don’t count or don’t have calories!  I’ll have to go back in my memory bank to give you a list of them, but they are fun.  The one that always stuck with me was Broken Cookies Don’t Count.  During the years that I was leading WW meetings, I would talk to my members about these reasons that we all always used to get around what we needed to do to be successful.  I mentioned that my intention was to one day write a book with that title dealing with all of the things that we do and say that keeps us from being successful.  They thought it was a good idea!

I tried to take a photo utilizing the last of the Christmas cookies before they went out the door to document the title of my blog…

Not too bad, it makes the point and that’s all that matters.  ALL of the Christmas cookies went out the door yesterday.  Literally, out the door and sprinkled around the yard so that the birds can enjoy them.  I took a look earlier today and there was very little evidence of my birdy generosity.  I looked around for the birdies themselves.  They’re probably lurking in the bushes because they’re too plump to fly into the trees!  It was a terrible thing to do to them, but then I guess they need to hear my theory…Broken Cookies Don’t Count!  🙂


One response to “Road Trip and Explaining it All

  1. Hehehe, love it! I don’t think I’ll be venturing to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s very often because of how miserable the roads were up there.

    But I see veggie masala burgers in that loot! Splendid.

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