So now it begins…

We had to get through the Holidays before we could really start on our clearing out and packing projects.  Today is the first day of this adventure!  Unfortunately, we have a lot of errands to run but I have gotten underway by going through the backlog of junk mail that came in over the last few weeks.  SO many credit card offers all of which need to be shredded.  My dear old shredder has held up well.  It has to be at least 10 years old.  Of course, I’ve probably jinxed myself now ( thanks, Mom for that concept!) but I’m positive that it will keep doing it’s part to get rid of all this STUFF!!

I know I should be setting out a plan, everyone seems to be doing that, but I will do that.  Maybe I’ll work on it tonight while watching American Pickers or maybe Tabitha’s Salon Takeover.  Maybe I should call Tabitha and tell her there’s a beauty salon hidden under this mess and she’ll come to fix it for me…it’s a thought…or I could contact Niecy Nash at Clean House, but they don’t usually go outside of California except to do the messiest house in America.  Gee, maybe we qualify as the “smallest” messiest house in America.  Ralph would shoot himself if Niecy came over…she gets on his last nerve!  I love her!  So as I finish my wonderful beach coffee, I need to get back to work or Ralph will think I’m having fun in here.  As far as the list goes…Film at Eleven!


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