Happy New Year one day late!!

To use one of my Mother’s expressions ( or was it my Grandmother’s?)…I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short!  But never the less, Happy New Year!  I’ve been seeing so many year end lists and plans for the New Year lists…I will get to that but for now…Catch Up…I’m thinking that should have been the name of my blog!

New Year’s Eve found Ralph, Ele and Me at a wonderful party at our cousin Chic’s house in Westville.  Now Westville is maybe 5 miles away AT THE MOST, but sadly we had lost contact with him.  Anyway, thanks to Facebook, we’ve been able to get in touch with him again and our California Cousins.  It’s always interesting to get reacquainted with family members.  Chic’s Grandmother and our Grandmother were sisters.  Ele and I have such vivid memories of all of our Great Aunts and Uncles because we spent so much time with Gram and Pop.  Sadly, Chic has very few memories because of the fact that his Dad sort of kept him away from the rest of the family.  Only when he was with his Grandmom, did we get together.  He and Ele actually went to high school together so they got to know each other then. But at the risk of attempting to post the entire family genealogy at this point…Chic had some old photos from his Grandmom and we identified some people for him which really pleased him.  We’re making plans to get together again,  At that time, we will drag our trunk of old photos with us to show him more.

Ele, Chic and Me!

Ele, Chic and Ralph!

Chic and his partner, Bob ( I didn’t get a picture of Bob…duh!) live in the house where Chic grew up. It’s always so interesting to see a house that you remember from your childhood and see how it’s changed or hasn’t.  Their house is Beautiful!!  They’ve made many changes, but all of those changes have added to the warmth and love that you feel in the house.  Chic is a professional singer and voice teacher and the house is filled with instruments and a baby grand piano.  It was a truly wonderful evening.  It was so much fun getting to know Chic again, meeting Bob and having them both meet Ralph.  As usual, he made friends with everyone, drew pictures of the other guests and had a great time.  Oh, yeah the food was Excellent, but I was so enjoying talking with Chic and meeting new people, that I forgot to take pictures!

New Year’s Day is Ralph’s brother Bob’s birthday.  We met his sister Madeleine, her husband George and son Stan, his sister Kathy and her husband John, his cousin Kathie and Bob at the Harrison House Diner in Mullica Hill for lunch.  We had a great time.  I must say, I wasn’t really thrilled with the Pasta Primavera that I had. The veggies were very crisp and green but the sauce was very bland.  I added the usual Parmesan cheese and the red pepper flakes but that didn’t really help.  When I ate my leftovers later that day I added a lot of black pepper and garlic powder and that didn’t even do a lot for it.  Nevertheless, it wasn’t really about the food, it was about Bobby’s birthday and that was great.

The Birthday Boy, Bobby!

Sister Kathy and Cousin Kathie

Stan and John

Maddie and George

Bobby and Ralph

The Whole Family!

It was great fun and that’s what Holidays, Birthdays and Families are all about.  I need to finish now and go plan my life for the New Year.  It’s going to be exciting.  Last night I watched “Julie and Julia” about the woman who writes a food blog about cooking her way through Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.”  What a terrific movie!  I don’t often just sit down and plug in a DVD.  It was truly worth it!  So in the spirit of the beloved Julia….”BON APETIT!!”


4 responses to “Happy New Year one day late!!

  1. I beleive that this was the first New Year’s Eve that I have spent out at a party! Am I boring or what! It was truly a magical evening. I was so happy to see Chic and to see his happiness with Bob. We should all be so lucky. My New Year’s resolution is to “get out there” and see what life has to offer. Jeeze, at 62 I think it’s about time!

    • I’m glad you had fun, because we surely did! We have to stay true to our plan of getting together with Chic again. WE can go through some of the pictures in the tub and pull out some that will mean something to him. I’d love to show him the ones of Grandmom with the glasses. I think there’s most of an album in there and Aunt Bessie is in them. That will be fun! Thanks for our adventure this afternoon!

  2. Dear Fran, I really enjoyed reading all about your Holiday Happenings and the Pix of the family are great …. I think we need to do more visiting and less meals …. not too many light weights in the family !!! Love you always, Girlfriend !!!!

    • Thanks Maddie! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I do agree with you! That’s one of the reasons I want to do this, I want to keep off the weight I’ve lost and maybe loose a little more. Hopefully i can do it. Stay in touch, Sweetie and keep checking back. Hopefully it will stay interesting! Hugs!

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