Last Day with Company

Tuesday was our last day with our company from D.C, Jim!  He was leaving in the afternoon, but we were able to fit in one last lunch.  It was at a fun place called In A Pickle in West Deptford.

We’ve been there before and it really is fun.  It’s a small shop but the food is really good.  They have all sorts of different sandwich choices and you can do them as a Panini, a wrap, a regular sandwich or as a salad as I did…

Mine was called the Caprese…romaine lettuce, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese which seemed to have herbs added (yum!) and a very tasty balsamic vinaigrette.  It was really good and filling. 

Little Michael and Grummy…Mikey wasn’t feeling well, he’d had a fever since the day before, but he’s a trooper and is always up for lunch with Uncle Jim and Uncle Ralph…

…he doesn’t mind Aunt Fran and Grummy being along (although no one took my picture 😦

We all enjoyed our lunches and they all looked good!  Ralph’s smelled wonderful!  He had Italian sausage with peppers and onions in a big roll.  I have to say that sausage is one of the things I miss about being vegetarian.  It was such a big part of growing up for Ele and Me.  Grandmom always had it cooking at her house.  There aren’t too many things I miss…sausage, liverwurst, Lebanon bologna and pork roll.  Really odd things I realize, but those are the ones.  But in truth when I think about how healthy I am as compared to how unhealthy I might be, it’s worth giving up some things. 

If I could only give up cheese!!  I really have to start researching some vegan cheeses to see if I can find some that still do the trick for me.  I just started reading a book that I think will help me make some more of the changes I want to make.  More on that tomorrow. 

I also just started reading “Mary Ann in Autumn” by Armistead Maupin. It’s part of the Tales of the City series.  I’ve read all of them and it’s interesting when you read a book by someone who you’ve read before especially a series.  It’s like getting reaquainted with an old friend.  You’re used to their style and in many cases you know the characters like they’re part of your family (sometimes the weird ones!)  I’m very much enjoying it.  It got me through my 30 minutes on my exercise bike today! 

I wish the weather would warm up just a bit so that I can get back to my walks.  If not I’m going to have to drag out and dust off my indoor walking tapes.  Space is the problem for that idea…boxes, boxes everywhere!  It will be worth it in the end.  Maybe I’ll try that this afternoon.  I need to keep myself on track!


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