I Know He Loves Me, But…

Kind of a frazzled day.  I got up with all kinds of enthusiasm to get things accomplished.  Well, we know what can happen then.  I got the Christmas Cards in the mail (hooray!!) Now I’m sure we’ll get lots of calls about them as we always do.  Ralph is a wonderful artist and he designs our Christmas Cards which are always creative and fun.  If I was more organized, I would have scanned in the card and have proof to show right now.  However, I am not as yet that organized and at the moment my scanner hates me, so we’ll have to work on that! 🙂

Stopped by to see sister Ele at her job since it’s around the corner from the post office, and hung out (too, long for my to-do list) and then went of to grocery shop and some Christmas shopping.  Thought I’d kill the proverbial and unfortunate 2 birds by going to Walmart.  They have the lowest prices for my favorite veggie burgers and of course they HAVE to have the toys I want for Little Michael…right?? Ok, I was trying to find a Crayola product that lets you to make your own crayons.  Sounds cool, right?  Well, not only do they not have it, but they have Crayola products in 5, count ’em 5 different places in the store…and those were the places I found myself there could have been more and they might have had what I wanted.  I’ll never know.  I’m going to Target today!

I got home and Ralph was up and at ’em and offered to take me to lunch.  This is one of the cool things about being a currently non-working person…lunch with my Sweetheart on a Wednesday!  He’s still not feeling well, so we chose a local diner to give him as wide a range of choices as possible that won’t make him feel icky.  I ordered one of my mainstay, Greek salad, no dressing, Balsamic vinegar on the time.  Well…I’ve had this problem before a this diner.  They don’t like to actually chop the lettuce and give you big unpleasant chunks of it hiding underneath.  Anyway, it was unsatisfying which is why I’m not posting a photo or mentioning the diner.  I don’t want to actually say unkind things about a restaurant, yet…

However, across the street there is a new establishment called The Nut Shop.  It’s adorable and they make their own candy.  We even met Michael, the Chocolate Elf in the back who works all of the magic.  I was nosing around looking at just how many of my favorites they had, AND they were all freshly made.  I only asked for 6 pieces, but Ralph being Ralph, he told the Chocolate Lady behind the counter that she should fill in a pound of candy from the ones I had already chosen.  I came home with this…

Which opened up to this…

I could have been in big trouble.  I must say that I was proud of myself.  I thought about it and since I didn’t really eat all that much yesterday and since I’ve been SOOOO good lately (that’s in my own opinion, of course!)  I could eat a few.  In total, I ate 4 which is terrific considering how many are in the box!  The good thing is I haven’t been craving sweets much lately so I guess I’m in luck.  Now about those cookies we just realized were in the bag from the family party over the weekend…I know that they’re Madeleine’s chocolate chip cookies…I could be in trouble…


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