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Saturday Snapshot~March 22

It’s time for Saturday Snapshot, the great link-up hostessed by the lovely Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads.  I love Saturday Snapshot because I get to see great snapshots of all of our friends’ lives all over the world.  Pretty exciting if you ask me.



I’ve been moaning and groaning about snow and cold for…well…all Winter! Just a bit more groaning and I think we’ll be over it.   At least, I think I’ll be over it.

Ralph and I were heading out to a St. Patrick’s Day lunch with his family on Monday and what happened?!?  It Snowed!! I was not happy.  We weren’t traveling far but some of the other family members had longer drives and I was concerned for them.

Last snow


This was what I saw as we was sitting in the parking lot waiting for the others to arrive.  It actually was pretty, but I am so tired of it.

But they tell us that on Wednesday, Spring arrived.  Most of the snow was gone and I took this photo.

Finally spring


No leaves yet, but when I look, I can see the buds starting.  In fact, just below that center tree is where the crocus usually show their pretty heads each year.  I checked this morning and not quite yet, but I bet I know what my photo will be next Saturday!

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Happy Saturday! Happy Spring!

Saturday Snapshot~March 8

This is our second Saturday Snapshot for March and I suppose I’m still complaining about Snow!  I know the folks who participate in Saturday Snapshot hostessed by Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads come from all over the place and some of them are not dealing with snow right now.  Well, in New Jersey, we still are.  I’m hoping that this past Monday’s snow storm will be our last for the year.  Fingers crossed anyway.


The day after the snow storm, I had dug myself out and needed to run some errands.  I had gotten a feel for this scene from my kitchen window but because of the screen on the window, I couldn’t get a good photo.  Outside, I had better luck.

Tree Shadows


I just loved the way the shadows of the trees were captured on the snow.  It made me feel a little less resentful for the snow storm.  I think this photo was worth it!

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Happy Saturday!

Saturday Snapshot~March 1

Even though it’s the first of March, it’s still winter here in New Jersey. But I’m still going to share some sunshine for Saturday Snapshot hostessed by the lovely Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads.  Be sure to visit there when you’re finished here to see all of the great photography.



As with last week, I’m in need of some warmth and sun.  We had two more snows this past week and when I got up this morning the temperature registered 11 degrees.  That Is Too Cold!!!  In an effort to stop complaining, I wanted to share something sunny and warm.

Harbor in Boothbay Harbor


This is a beautiful photo taken at the harbor in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  I spent 2 weeks there in August with my best friend, Gail.  It is wonderful and peaceful and just so much fun.  I hope I get to visit again this summer.

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Happy Saturday!!

Saturday Snapshot~February 22

Another Saturday…Another Snapshot!  I love the friendly group of people who are part of the Saturday Snapshot link up.  Always so supportive and friendly.  Sponsored of course by Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads, Saturday Snapshot is Great Fun!



Sadly, we’re back to the discussion of snow again.  However. we were in the 50′s yesterday and expected to go there again for the next few days.  I am actually catching glimpses of sidewalk and some brown stuff in my back yard which I can only guess is the Earth!!  I’m getting pretty excited.

I wanted to share a photo of a sunrise I took a few days ago.

Sunrise blocking the snow


I specifically took the photo with the idea of blocking out the snow.  I Was So tired of it.  Some still worked its way in but for the most part it’s just sunrise.  I’m so happy that the snow is on its way out! At least, I hope so.  Maybe I’m being a little to optimistic.  It’s got to be going away because if not I’m going to go out to have myself fitted for a stylish straight jacket!!

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Happy Saturday Snapshot!!

Saturday Snapshot~February 15

I didn’t post on Friday so I’m wishing everyone a belated Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope you got to spend it with someone you love.  I did!

Saturday Snapshot is one of my favorite link ups. Hostessed by the lovely Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads, it is always great fun.  Please be sure to visit there when you’re finished here to see what everyone is showing today.



As you may have heard on the news…IT’S BEEN SNOWING IN NEW JERSEY!!  Can you tell from my capital letters that I am shouting about this.  I’m only shouting because I am SO TIRED of it.  There…it’s out of my system, no more capitals.  But seriously, I’m tired of it, it’s making me cranky, we got more last night and we’re supposed to get more today.  Someone has to make it stop.

I know how to stop it, or at least get away from it.  I’m going (if only in my fertile mind…) to New Mexico.  It’s sunny and beautiful and it’s going to be 72 degrees there today.  None of this is fair.  But I’m lucky because I know how beautiful it is and I know what’s waiting for me when I get there physically.

Kneeling Nun


I can’t remember if I’ve used this photo before, but I don’t care…I need to see it today and I need to share it.  This is a view of the Kneeling Nun mountain and was taken from the front step of our house.  The photo doesn’t actually do justice to the beauty of the sky or the landscape, but it helps to cheer me up.  I keep this photo as my lock screen on my phone so I can look at it periodically when I need it.  I hope it makes you all feel as warm and happy as it makes me.

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Happy Saturday!!

Saturday Snapshot~February 8

It is so much fun to participate in Saturday Snapshot sponsored by Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads.  I love seeing what the other photographers will share.  They inspire me to do more and try to create better photos.



I think that this photo started out as something different from what it ended up being.  My first intention was to show a photo of our most recent snowstorm.  When I took the photo it looked very white and my eye saw Lots of Snow.

Trees and snow


However, after I looked at the photo, I realized that you can’t really see the snow all that well.  What I do see is a wonderful collection of gnarled old tree branches.  I have tons of old trees in my yard so when I look, that’s what I see.  The more I looked at this photo, the more I liked it.  I’ve been noticing how interesting it is to look at winter trees.  I love the stark “skeleton” quality of the trees.

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Happy Saturday!

Saturday Snapshot~February !

Happy February, Everyone!  I’m happy to be getting back to all the fun of Saturday Snapshot.  Hostessed by the lovely Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads, Saturday Snapshot is always fun so be sure to check things out over there when you’re finished here!



My snapshot today is a little old.  I took this before New Year’s Day as the photo will show.

Happy New Year


I’ve mentioned before that Ralph likes to do artwork while we’re waiting for food at most of the restaurants where we go.  This was at the local pizzeria just before New Year’s Day.  Unfortunately, I thought he was finished when I took the photo.  He embellished it more when he had finished eating.  I forgot to take a photo of the completed masterpiece.  It’s fun because the owner of the pizzeria loves Ralph’s stuff and has them hanging all over the bulletin board in the restaurant.  It’s lots of fun.

That’s Saturday Snapshot for today.  Hope everyone will visit West Metro Mommy Reads to see what everyone else is sharing today.

Happy Saturday!!

Saturday Snapshot~December 21

We’re closing in on the last few days before Christmas.  I’ve had a tough time getting into the Spirit this year as I have for the last few years.  I finally succumbed to listening to the All Christmas Music radio station in my car which helped.  I also remembered that the music channels on our cable provider also has a Sounds of the Season channel.  That has helped and I’m listening to that as I type.  I’m getting there.

Saturday Snapshot is a great time to share little tidbits of life.  I like to use it to share things that make me happy.  This week’s certainly does.  Remember that Saturday Snapshot is graciously hostessed by the lovely Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads.  Be sure to check out what the other Snappers are sharing this week.  I’m sure they will help to bump up all of our Holiday spirits!


I’m sharing something that has been in my life for a very long time.  My sister, Ele currently has custody of it, but we’ve shared it over the years.  We were at Ele’s house for my nephew, Patrick’s birthday celebration on Thursday night.  As we were sitting there waiting for Patrick and his wife, Carrie to arrive, I suddenly realized what I needed to photograph.

I have no real idea how old he is.  I remember it being around when I was a child.  I remember rediscovering it at various points in my life in various basements.

Sleeping Santa


Say hello to Sleeping Santa.  I have no idea if that is his real name, but that’s what we’ve always called him.  Santa  is actually a bank!  There is a slot on the back of the chair.  We never put any coins in because there is no opening to retrieve the money and we would never think of breaking him open.  Santa was something that Grandmom and Grandpop probably found at an auction (they went to a lot of them when we were growing up) or he could be much older than that.  By the looks of him, I’d say he’s probably from the 30′s or 40′s before Ele and I were around.

I am so happy that he survived over these many years to brighten our Christmas on another year.  The only thing I know that I have that is probably older is a Christmas ball that had belonged to my Great-Grandmother.  I never met her and I think that is why Sleeping Santa is so special, because I knew Gram and Pop and loved them both so much.  I hope the sight of Sleeping Santa makes you smile the it does for me.

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Happy Almost Christmas Snapshot Saturday!

Saturday Snapshot~December 14

I don’t know what the weather might hold for me on Saturday morning, but I do know that it involves Saturday Snapshot hostessed by Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads.


The past week has been crazy and I have no photos to share but I do have one that I love.  In recent years, Ralph has become the man in charge when it comes to carving the Thanksgiving turkey.  He’s always got a sharp knife and…well, he’s there!  I heard lots of giggling and laughter coming from the kitchen where he and my sister Ele were working while I set the table.  We’ve started to do the carving the night before which works well for us.  When I got to the kitchen, I was able to capture this shot.

Thanksgiving Ralph


I love this.  He looks happy and I’m pretty sure just before I got to the kitchen that he and Ele were sneaking snacks of the turkey.  It’s part of their routine.    See, he’s not just a terrific artist…he’s good in the kitchen, too.  This is one of my favorite photos in a long time.

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Happy Saturday!!

Saturday Snapshot~November 30

I have been missing in action for most of this week. Life has been very busy but very productive.  I’m tired out from all of this, but happy nonetheless.

I couldn’t miss out on Snapshot Saturday though.  When you’re finished here, be sure to stop by at West Metro Mommy Reads to catch all of the other great photography that you’ll find there.


I haven’t been taking many photos lately but I did have the chance to capture this sunset.  It was the most unique combination of colors.



I wasn’t sure it would translate into a photo but I think it turned out pretty well.

This post is really on the fly today but I didn’t want to miss the chance to join in.  Be sure to check out the other great photographers at West Metro Mommy Reads.

Happy Saturday!!