Saturday Snapshot~October 18

It has been Quite Some Time since I’ve participated in Saturday Snapshot.  Lots of things have been going on in my life.  The most time-consuming one and the reason I haven’t been seen or heard from is explained in this post.  Surgery and recuperation with ongoing physical therapy have kept me busy.

But I’m back and I can’t believe that this is my third post for the week, so I guess I’m getting back on track with this whole blogging thing.

That being said, I’m linking up today for Saturday Snapshot with all the fun and talented people who meet up at West Metro Mommy Reads.


During my recuperation, I was lucky to have the opportunity to stay at my best friend’s house which is all on one floor. It was easier to get around and it has a step-in shower.   It has been a wonderful gift to be able to recover here.  That comfort and convenience has been invaluable in my recovery.

When I started to be up and around again, I took a walk outside to the front yard.  This is what I found.

Front yard daisies

I was so happy to see the bee hard at work on the daisy.  When I was growing up, daisies were always my favorite flower.  My only attempt at art is drawing a single daisy, so they hold a special place in my heart.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of the great photos.  My first time back and I realize how much I’ve missed being part of Saturday Snapshot. Be sure to make your way over to West Metro Mommy Reads to see what everyone is sharing.

Happy Saturday!

Thinking Out Loud~Numero Uno

I’ve been intending for quite some time to join in on Thinking Out Loud hostessed by Amanda at Running With Spoons.  I’m finally getting to it.


The point is to just share some random thoughts about life in general.  At least that’s my understanding.  I like it!

~Why is it that I haven’t blogged since August and now I do two posts in two days?  I have no excuse.  I’ve been busy healing from my bilateral hip surgery and I’ve been focusing on that and I promise not to talk too much about it!

~Thinking out loud has to be quiet, because I have a headache that is sticking with me in spite of two pots of coffee.  I’ve decided that I’m not taking anything for headaches.  Prior to my surgery, I took so many over the counter things for pain, I’m trying not to take anything.  I’ve had nothing since the surgery in spite of a couple of nasty headaches.  I’ve been working around them.  I will survive.

~More randomness-I’m annoyed with myself that in spite of having a Lot of time on my hands during my recovery, I haven’t done nearly enough reading.  I did read two books, early entries in the Lisa Scottoline series of Rosato and Associates.  I liked them enough but got stuck in the middle of the third and haven’t read anything since.  I am chagrined (hangs head in shame.)

~Has anyone else noticed the way newswoman, weather  women and traffic women dress on TV?  They all look as if they’re going to a cocktail party…even at 5 AM. I can’t quite figure it out.  Not to mention the almost identical hair styles on all of them.  Long hair is nice, but by the time you get to a certain age, you really should be looking for another choice.  I’ve reached that certain age and I no longer have long hair even though I used to love mine.  This headache is making me cranky I think.

~I’m amazed daily at either how incredibly clever or incredibly stupid TV commercials are.  I love humor and I love a clever idea, but I am stumped as to how some of these get past the ad executives let along the censors.  This is beginning to sound as if I have spent too much time recently watching TV, which I have.

~Speaking of TV, I am overjoyed at the number of networks that are now broadcasting Law & Order in all of its incarnations.  It has helped me through my recovery especially during the time that I was alone because Ralph was on a road trip that I had to miss in the interest of completing my physical therapy. Also considering the fact that I don’t think I would have been able to ride for the long periods of time it takes to go from New Jersey to Texas to New Mexico.  L & O got me through it and I’m eternally grateful to Dick Wolf, creator of the great series.

~Speaking of which, Why am I still in New Jersey and not in New Mexico.  I don’t have a good answer for that, but I’m working on that.  Trust me, there will be more about that on a future Thinking Out Loud.

I think I rather like this Thinking Out Loud idea.  I hope that Amanda and the other people who link up on Thursdays don’t think I’m too weird.  Hopefully, they’ll be weird along with me.

Happy Thursday!!

WIAW~Who Knows Where or When

Hello!  Yes, I am still alive, still recovering from my bilateral hip replacement but pretty much doing fabulously!  I still have probably two weeks of physical therapy left and (being the Good Patient that I am!) doing my exercises daily and using my cane for another week.  I’m trying hard to get out and get some walking in every day because my physical therapist tells me that’s important.  The days that I am able to get extra walking in, I do feel better.  Eventually, I will write a post All About the Adventure that was my surgery.  In the meantime, I move along trying to feel like my old self.

Part of that is getting back to blogging.  I have missed it So Much!!  I need to get a schedule set up for myself again and stick with it.  What better way of getting back on schedule than joining in for What I Ate Wednesday hostessed by the lovely Jenn at Peas and Crayons?  So here goes!

What I Ate Wednesday: FALL into Good Habits

My food offerings are somewhat random as you can probably tell from my title.  Just a few tasty things, some of which I’ve saved for a few weeks, always intending to do a post!

Pumpkin pancakes


Ralph and I went out to breakfast on Tuesday morning.  Right before going into the diner, I swore to myself that I would make a good choice, allowing myself to get back on track with my food.  So of course, I ordered pumpkin pancakes!  I did ask for the sugar-free syrup…Do I get points for that?!?

Pepper and egg sandwich


One of my all time favorites…pepper and egg sandwich with American cheese from our local pizzeria.  I love this and it never fails to satisfy.  Also, it always reminds me of my Mom.  Good enough for me!

Ralph and I went to a wonderful wedding for the son of close family friends.  I was very happy when along with the usual meat and fish choices, the invitation offered a stuffed mushroom.  Having no idea what that might be, I made that choice.  Was I ever pleasantly surprised.

Stuffed mushroom


The base was rice, then the Portobello,  It was then stuffed with what I think was a tasty puree of white beans and wonderful herbs and spices.  Topped with yellow squash although several people have said it looks like potato chips.  No chips but it was Delicious and very filling.  I loved it!

Of course, it wouldn’t be BCDC without at least one salad.

Birthday Greek salad


We have recently started going to a local Italian restaurant that we hadn’t gone to before.  This is their Greek salad.  I love the combination of the greens, olives, tomatoes and feta.  It’s a much more delicate Greek salad than some of the ones I get around here.  It is just delicious.  This restaurant has other good choices too, but I think this might be my favorite.

Just typing up this post is getting me back into the feel of blogging.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, I just haven’t had the enthusiasm for it.  I feel that coming back.  Maybe it’s the Fall.  I always want to start something in the Fall.  In this case, I’m re-starting something.  The whole idea makes me happy!

Be sure to stop over at Peas and Crayons to check out all of the other wonderful food and ideas that everyone is sharing.  I know I will!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

WIAW-A Vegetarian Goes To The Hospital

I am so excited to be back and joining in for What I Ate Wednesday for the first time in a LONG time.  Hope I can remember how this works! Be sure to check out all of the food fun cooked up by Jenn at Peas And Crayons.  Hope I can remember how to link-up!

Peas and Crayons

I suppose it should have been the least of my worries, but I was very concerned about what I would get to eat when I was in the hospital.  As a vegetarian, that was a valid concern.  I envisioned eggs for three meals a day.  That actually would have been fine with me.  I know that the grilled cheese sandwich they gave me for dinner the day of surgery was like a gourmet meal…I was so hungry.  That set the tone for me and when I saw the list of things available for me to choose from, I was impressed and excited.

There were many choices and I enjoyed them but sadly, due to my body’s dislike for pain medication, the first two days were kind of a blur.  I did eventually remember that this would make a good WIAW post and took two pictures.

Vegan meatloaf


This was vegan meatloaf with carrots and sautéed veggies.  It was really very tasty.  I would have enjoyed it more if I had remembered to request some ketchup, but it was good.

Breakfasts were usually a cheese omelette and yogurt which was good every time.

Sweet potato shepherd's pie


A little blurry, but as I’ve said, I was a little blurry for the first few days. This was Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie.  It was a vegan meatloaf base with sweet potatoes on top.  Served with couscous and sautéed veggies.  I loved it!

There were many other choices which sounded good, but I went with the ones that sounded a little more out of the ordinary.  I guess that I should mention that the hospital was Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.  It was a wonderful place and they took exceptional care of me.  As I said, not the least of which was offering me things that I could eat!

That’s it for me.  I’ll be short for my first WIAW back in action.  Be sure to check out all the fun over at Jenn’s blog, Peas and Crayons.  I’m so happy to be back!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!


In Case You’re Wondering…

I have NOT fallen off the face of the Earth! In fact, I’m alive and extremely well.  This is my first time on the computer (or the Blog!!) since my surgery on July 23 for bilateral hip replacement.  I should probably be sharing more details, more specifics, but I’m not feeling up for that just yet.

I can say that this has all been an incredible experience.  Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be where I am today after such a short time.  I came home after 3 days in the hospital to feeling little or no pain.  Things ached a little as I learned to be up and around and how to do things for myself.  However, in short order, I was up and doing things I never expected to be doing, especially without pain!

I completed the at home physical therapy and have had my evaluation for out-patient physical therapy.  I’m now waiting for the authorization from my insurance company.  They’ve given me at home exercises to do in the meantime and I am diligent about doing them.  Also, I try very hard Not to sit too long.  Every 10 or 15 minutes I get up and do a little road race around the house with my walker.  I’m actually starting to move around in some areas of the house without the walker.  That’s making Ralph extremely nervous, but I’m very careful and I have to learn to do it eventually.

Once I’m on more of a regular schedule (with fewer afternoon naps!)  I will be getting back to posting on a regular basis and give some more details of the process.  It is amazing and I am so fortunate to have been able to have this surgery.  It is a blessing.  I won’t be gone so long next time, I promise!

Happy Sunday!

Hope This Works

I’m planning for this to be short and sweet and possibly my last post before my surgery.

I’ve been doing my best to stay calm and trying to keep my mind off of things.  I’m not sure when I’ll be able to do another post.  I hoping to be able to post to Twitter and Instagram.  I’m listed on both as bcdcFran. 

The other new thing is that I’m posting this from my Nook. I hope it works!  Thanks to all of you sending prayers and good thoughts. All are gratefully accepted.

Happy Monday!

Counting Down

I don’t intend to do a day by day countdown to my surgery, but today is 8 days until the big day!  I’m feeling pretty calm in spite of myself. I’m not really worried about the surgery.  I feel very confident in my doctor and everything I’ve seen of the Rothman Institute is amazing.

I suppose the thing making me most anxious is having as much as possible taken care of around here before I go.  Also I keep going back and forth about what I have to pack up and take with me.  Of course, if I forget anything, Ralph only has to travel 3 blocks to get me something.  The trick will be trying to tell him where to find something.  That’s why I want to have as many things with me that I think I might need.

As Gail, said, “Hey, I have a washer and dryer. Just bring enough underwear for a few days and we’ll do a load!” I’m sure everything will work out and I know I’ll be in good hands.  Ralph will be close by and visiting several times a day.  Gail and I will have a good time, just having the chance to spend the time together.  As Ralph said to his sister yesterday, it will be like a giant sleepover.  I think it will.

I still need to make some lists and I think that will be my project for today.  Just so I know what I’m doing.  Over the past few months, I have become a big fan of lists thanks to my friend Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  I’ve got a couple started, but they need more work.

I won’t have to worry about food while I’m at Gail’s we’re both on Weight Watchers, she’s almost reached 90 pounds lost and we’re both vegetarians so we can have a great time.  Also there will be lots of coffee drinking.  She only has a small coffee maker so I’ll be taking my big one over for my time there so that we can drink coffee to our hearts content!

I suppose I should stop chatting here and get to work.  I’ve got a load of laundry in the washer that should be about finished.  Now I get to make my very Slow way down to the basement to switch it to the dryer.  Lots of fun.  I won’t mind when I can walk down the steps like a real person again.  Even laundry will be a pleasure, just so that I can get down the steps.

Lots to do, so I’m on my way.

Happy Tuesday!